Facebook developing wristband that supports AR glasses

In a statement Facebook Inc said, it is developing a wristband that would be able to control its augmented reality (AR) glasses that are scheduled to be launched later this year.

Those wearing the band would be able to interact with the virtual world when they move their finger, said the company in a blog post. The band will also be capable of detecting nerve signals to interpret complex hand gestures and moves.

The development sees Facebook entering a hotly contested space dominated by tech giants including Amazon.com Inc, Apple Inc, and Google; the tech industry believes wearable AR glasses will eventually replace the functionality of mobile phones altogether.

Earlier Facebook had said, smart glasses would need to rely on devices like phones for the forseeable future due to multiple constraints including heat generated by computing, and battery life. A wristband mitigates these issues to a large extent since it serves as a platform for computing and supporting such functions.

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