Israel Aerospace Industries teams up with UAE’s EDGE to make smart weapons against drones, unmanned vehicles,

On Thursday, in a statement Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) said, it would jointly develop an advanced drone defence system with the United Arab Emirates’ state-owned weapons maker EDGE.

With both countries formalizing relations in 2020, trade, commerce and defense relations have got closer over concerns over common foe Iran.

In a statement, Israeli state-owned IAI said, it will develop a Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System “tailored to the UAE market, with wider ranging benefits for the MENA region and beyond”.

Iran-backed Yemen’s Houthi movement, has stepped up cross-border missile and drone attacks in Saudi Arabia. In the past it had threatened to launch strikes against the UAE as well.

While, the UAE already has an advanced anti-missile interception system, the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defences (THAAD), with EDGE, both nations are moving forwards towards developing more advanced weapons which mitigate threats emanating from drones, unmanned vehicles, smart weapons and electronic warfare equipment.


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