Volkswagen Group & Porsche could enter Formula One racing: BBC

According to a report from the BBC, the Volkswagen Group along with Porsche, are weighing options to enter Formula One provided the next engine regulations, which are scheduled to be introduced in 2025, promote sustainable fuels.

Porsche Motorsport’s vice-president Fritz Enzinger has been quoted as saying, it would be “of great interest if aspects of sustainability – for instance, the implementation of e-fuels” played a role in Formula One. He went on to add, “Should these aspects be confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW Group and discuss further steps”.

“Porsche and Volkswagen AG are observing the constantly changing regulations in all relevant racing series around the world. This is also the case with regard to the emerging new engine and drivetrain regulation for Formula One from 2025.”

In 2020, Formula One’s governing body FIA had delivered the first barrels of 100% sustainable fuel made from bio-waste to engine manufacturers for testing and validation with an aim of requiring mandatory 100% sustainable fuels in F1, which incidentally has target of being a net zero carbon sport by 2030.

“Our top sustainability priority now is building a roadmap for the hybrid engine that reduces emissions and has a real world benefit for road cars,” said Ross Brawn, the managing director for motorsport in December 2020. “We believe we have the opportunity to do that with a next generation engine that combines hybrid technology with sustainable fuels.”

In January 2021, Formula One’s new CEO Stefano Domenicali, a former head of Volkswagen-owned Lamborghini, had said, “For the moment, they prefer to stay still quiet, but the good news is that there are other…companies, very important companies, that are really keen to understand what is the value that they can bring home using the F1 platform”.

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