TikTok’s owner ByteDance agrees to settle $92M class-action lawsuit

According to a document filed in the U.S. District Court in Illinois, China’s ByteDance has agreed to settle a $92 million class-action lawsuit from U.S. TikTok users who had alleged data privacy concerns.

ByteDance, TikToko’s owner, has agreed to the settlement after more than a year of litigation.

“While we disagree with the assertions, rather than go through lengthy litigation, we’d like to focus our efforts on building a safe and joyful experience for the TikTok community,” said TikTok.

The settlement will require approval from the court.

In the class action lawsuit, U.S. TikTok users have alleged that the TikTok app “infiltrates its users’ devices and extracts a broad array of private data including biometric data and content that defendants use to track and profile TikTok users for the purpose of, among other things, ad targeting and profit.”

According to the motion seeking approval of the settlement, Bytedance agreed to settle after “an expert-led inside look at TikTok’s source code” and extensive mediations.

In a separate incident, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said, along with the U.S. Justice Department it is looking into allegations that TikTok did not comply with a 2019 agreement aimed at protecting children’s privacy.

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