Bugatti and Rimac Automobili are good technology fit: Porsche AG’s CEO

In a development that further fuels speculation of an impending deal between Volkswagen’s supercar brand Bugatti and electric hypercar maker Rimac Automobili, Porsche AG’s CEO told German weekly Automobilwoche that both companies make a good technological fit.

Last year, British automotive magazine Car had reported that VW was on the brink of selling Bugatti to Rimac Automobili.

In a statement, Porsche AG, which incidentally is also owned by Volkswagen, said it would raise its 15.5% stake in Rimac Automobili.

Rimac Automobili was founded by Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac.

“At the moment there are intense deliberations on how Bugatti can be developed in the best possible way. Rimac could play a role here because the brands are a good technological fit,” said Porsche AG’s CEO Oliver Blume. “There are various scenarios with different structures. I believe that the issue will be decided by the group in the first half of the year”.

Blume sits on the management board of Volkswagen AG.

Rimac supplies its electric supercar platform to carmakers including Automobili Pininfarina.

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