Nissan to invest more than $1.4 billion in UK, doubles down on green tech

In a statement Nissan said it plans on investing more than $1.4 billion (1 billion pounds) over the course of a few years in Britain as it rolls out greener technology; the statement comes at a time when it showcased its latest Qashqai car.

In 2016, the Japanese carmaker had stated it would build the Qashqai in Britain in what was seen as a key vote of confidence just months after the Brexit referendum raised uncertainty over its trading relationship with the European Union.

In 2020, on the eve of Christmas, Brussels and London agreed to keep tariffs off the table as long as local content thresholds are met.

In January 2021, Nissan said it would source more batteries from Britain and the company’s Europe boss Gianlucca de Fichy said, it plans further investment in the Eurozone.

“We’ve invested over 400 million pounds so far in our English factory, and we are planning over the coming years to exceed the 1 billion investment mark, including due to the introduction of e-Power which will come to market soon,” said Gianlucca de Fichy while adding, “We continue to cooperate with Renault and study the opportunities that might arise, in terms of car models and technology”.

“We’re exploring all avenues.”

($1 = 0.7164 pounds)


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