Mitsubishi Corp to supply clean energy to Inc’s European data centre

On Monday, in a report Japan’s the Nikkei business daily said, Mitsubishi Corp is set to enter into an agreement to “provide Inc’s European facilities with renewable energy through its Dutch unit, Eneco”.

An offshore wind farm which is being built by Eneco is scheduled to come online in 2023; it will supply 130 megawatts (MW) per year to multiple Amazon facilities, including its European data centre, states the Nikkei report.

The development comes midst growing push towards clean energy with the Japanese giant join the global shift away from polluting fossil fuels including coal.

Given that it delivers nearly 10 billions items a year, Amazon’s energy footprint is massive; it has faced pressure from environmental activists as well as from employees to move towards cleaner energy and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Amazon has vowed to be net carbon neutral by 2040.

The Nikkei report states, Eneco plans to start operating the new wind warm in 2023, with its total power of 130 MW being reserved for Amazon.

Mitsubishi declined to comment on the deal.

Amazon did not immediately respond to requests comments.

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