Amazon Removes Social Network Parler From Its Cloud Service

The social media site more popular in the United States – Parler, has gone offline following the decision of Amazon to withdraw support to the so called “free speech” social networking site.

The social media platform had been very dependent on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing service and was known to be striving to provide an alternative to Twitter.

The social network is also very popular among the supporters of Donald Trump although the United States president is not a user of the platform himself.

Withdrawal of the social media networks from its cloud service was taken by Amazon after the tech giant found dozens of posts on the service which clearly encouraged inciting violence, Amazon said.

Towards the end of last week, Parler had already been removed from their app stores by Google and Apple as both the tech giants said that the platform had not complied with the content moderation requirements mandated by the two companies.

However users could still access the platform through the net even though during the weekend many users complained that they were unable to create new accounts without which the users would not be able to see the contents and posts on the platform.

According to experts, if the firm is able to find an alternative service to host the platform, it would be able to come online. The platform had gone online in 2018. 

“Every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too”, the firm’s chief executive John Matze said in an interview to the media about the issue.

“We’re going to try our best to get back online as quickly as possible, but we’re having a lot of trouble because every vendor we talk to says they won’t work with us because if Apple doesn’t approve and Google doesn’t approve, they won’t,” he added.

The action taken against the platform by AWS is the latest in a slew of such moves by social media platforms after the siege on the on Capitol Hill last week.

President Trump’s accounts on their platforms have been banned by both Facebook and Twitter over charges that the US president could potentially incite violence.

Republican Senator Ted Cruzis is among the regular users of Parler. Cruzis was instrumental in an effort at the US Senate aimed to delay the electoral college victory of Democrat presidential in waiting Joe Biden. There were about five million followers of Cruzis on the platform which was more than his followers on Twitter.

“Why should a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires have a monopoly on political speech?” he tweeted over the weekend.

It had seen a “steady increase in this violent content on your website, all of which violates our terms”, Amazon told Parler and added that it was of the opinion that there was no “effective process” created by the administrators of the platform that could tackle problems of inflammatory posts.

Amazon provides a number of examples of such posts which includes those calling for the killing of Democrats, Muslims, Black Lives Matter leaders, and mainstream media journalists.

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