Warning On Brexit Deal Uncertainties For Fishing Issued By Mayor Of Major French Fishing Port

While the trade deal agreed between the United Kingdom and the European Union has left the British financial industry unhappy, the last minute post-Brexit trade agreement has left French fisherman facing a host of unknowns.

This was said by the mayor of the major northern fishing port of Boulogne-sur-Mer on Friday, according to a report published by the news agency Reuters.

His country had come to an agreement of a “reasonable” five-and-half-year transition period with the EU over the issue of fisheries, said the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday while he presented the last ditch trade accord. That [period was longer then the period of three years that the Britain wanted but was far shorter than the 14 years that had been demanded by the EU initially.

Burt the agreement left much obscured, But Boulogne-sur-Mer Mayor Frederic Cuvillier reportedly told the media in an interview.

“Relief for our fishermen, but what will be the impact on stocks? Who, for example, will be handling the controls? And over what time?” he told Europe 1 radio.  “The only certainty today is that we need to find, during the transition period, more deals within the deal.”

French politicians Loïg Chesnais-Girard and Herve Morin, who has the responsibility of covering the Normandy region bordering the English Channel, also echoed the views expressed by Cuvillier.

While welcoming the fact that a Brexit “no-deal” had been averted by the trade agreement, Chesnais-Girard and Morin, also called for holding a meeting with the French Prime Minister Jean Castex to analyse more of the details of the trade agreement, in joint statement issued by them.

Demands that the Eu should not give an inch of their fishing rights in British waters had been lobbied for with the President Emmanuel Macron by French fishermen bodies. Bit in order to maintain the status quo, the French government had dropped its initial demands.

French fishermen affected by the Brexit trade accord would be helped by the government and a host of financial measures would be set up by the French government, French Seas Minister Annick Girardin said in a statement issued by him.

Dissatisfaction over how the fishing rights issue has been dealt with in the UK-EU post Brexit trade deal has propped up on both sides of the English Channel as the fishing industry in Britain expressed their disappointment about the deal not being able to represent more of a reduction in the access that is currently enjoyed by the fishermen from the EU in British controlled waters.

(Adapted from Reuters.com)

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