Zoom Virtual Meetings To Have No Cap On Length During The Holiday Season

The video conferencing app that shot to global prominence, market valuation and the number of users during the novel coronavirus pandemic, has decided to present its users a holiday gift.

The company said that the 40 minute limit for free subscribers using the video conferencing facility would be lifted for this holiday season which will allow friends and families now kept apart because of the pandemic can find their virtual gatherings going on for longer period of time during this Christmas and New Year.

The social distancing norms and the stay at home and work from home trends implemented during the pandemic to prevent spread of Covid-19 all across the world this year had made the video conferencing technology of Zoom Video Communications Inca a feature of household get togethers.  

The company said that for the holiday season, it was removing the time limit for its free accounts on all meetings all over the world.

This reprieve from the 40 minute limit will cover the Christian celebrations of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the end of Hannukah for Jews and Kwanzaa marked by African-Americans, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

All of these events of gamily and household get togethers fall in late December or early January.

A second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is currently ravaging many parts of the world and has forced many people to stay home and therefore plan gatherings with friends and family over the Internet instead.

“Whether coming together on the final day of Hanukkah, celebrating Christmas, ringing in the New Year, or marking the last days of Kwanzaa, those connecting with friends and family won’t get cut short,” a Zoom spokesman said.

Free users of Google Meet, owned by Alphabet, will not be limited in their video conferencing and online gathering by the 60 minute barrier till March of this year, the United States based tech giant has already announced.

However no such relaxation in meeting length caps have yet been announced by Microsoft Teams and Cisco’s Webex, even though both the services had benefitted from the pandemic ravaging the world this year in terms of growth of regular users.

(Adapted from CTVNews.com)

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