SolarWinds products have been injected with malicious code by state-backed hackers

In a statement, SolarWinds, an IT company said, monitoring products that it had released earlier this year in March and in June may have been surreptitiously tampered with in a “highly-sophisticated, targeted and manual supply chain attack by a nation state.”

The statement by SolarWinds comes even as the U.S. intelligence community is investigating cyber security breaches at several government agencies, including the U.S. Treasury and Department of Commerce. According to two sources familiar with the investigation, the breaches are connected to a previously announced hacking attack at cybersecurity firm FireEye and is believed to be the handiwork of Russians.

While SolarWinds did not directly comment on its breaches, it said it is “acting in close coordination with FireEye, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the intelligence community, and other law enforcement to investigate these matters. As such, we are limited as to what we can share at this time.”

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