Approval For Its Covid-19 Vaccine Filed By Moderna In The US And Europe

Application for emergency regulatory approval of its coronavirus vaccine is being filed by Moderna with regulatory bodies in the United States and Europe so that the vaccine against Covid-19 can be recommended for use among the masses.

Trial data for the mRNA vaccine will be reviewed by the regulators and then a decision on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine will be taken to allow a public roll out of the vaccine.

Moderna has stated that 94 per cent efficacy rate of the vaccine was achieved in its clinical studies against the disease.  

An application for the same approval with US regulators has already been filed by Pfizer.

Trial data of the Pfizer vaccine, as well as that from AstraZenca and Oxford University, which is another type of Covid-19 vaccine, are being reviewed by regulators in the United Kingdom.

Since Moderna now is equipped with trial data from 30,000 volunteers which includes data for high risk groups such as the elderly that indicates that the vaccine is successful and therefore the company hopes that the UK regulators will soon grant approval.

While the real vaccine was given to 15,000 people while placebo injections was given to the other participants in those studies. There were no reports of any serious side effects of the vaccine.

Serious Covid-19 illness was found in 185 people in the placebo group – some of them severely, in the clinical trials. But only 11 cases of the infection were reported in the vaccine group and none with any serious illness from the disease.

The company has not yet released full trial data and is planned to be published in a peer-reviewed journal in due course.

There are different pros and cons for the three front-runner vaccines against Covid-19.

The cost of the vaccine from AstraZeneca is at around $4 for a dose which is much cheaper compared to vaccines from Pfizer and Modernapriced at$20 and $33 respectively. Further, the AstraZeneca vaccine is also much easier to store and distribute since ultra-low temperatures are not needed for it to remain effective as is the requirement for the vaccines developed by the other two companies.  

However the drawback of the AstraZeneca vaccine has also showed efficacy of between 62 per cent and 90 per cent in clinical trials which is lower compared to those from Pfizer and Moderna.

Doses of all three vaccines have already been ordered by the United Kingdom, the United States and other governments.

“This is great news indeed – the more trial data that we have, the greater confidence we have that vaccines can be used to blunt the human cost of Covid-19. As the numbers of cases reported grows, confidence grows that this amazing protection will be maintained in a product that can be rolled out to protect the public,” said Dr Alexander Edwards, associate professor in biomedical technology at the University of Reading.

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