’s trade union Verdi’s 3 day strike does not cover Cyber Monday

In a significant development, trade union Verdi has called on workers at seven German Amazon warehouses to go on a three-day strike which coincides with the discount shopping event “Black Friday” on November 27.

The strike is scheduled to begin with Wednesday’s night shift, said Verdi, which is demanding better working conditions and pay. Since 2013, Verdi has been organizing strikes at Amazon, Germany, with the most recent strike being on’s “Prime Day”

Incidentally, after the United States, Germany is’s biggest market.

In a statement,’s spokesman said, the company offered “excellent” salaries, with benefits and working conditions comparable with other important employers.

Following the coronavirus-induced COVID-19 pandemic which emerged from Wuhan, China, Amazon has seen its sales soar following the imposition of lockdown restrictions which sent consumers flocking online.

According to Verdi, the surge in’s sales has strengthened its case for higher wages; it also said, workers were not adequately protected against the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week, Amazon bowed to government pressure in France to postpone its local Black Friday event by a week to help local shopkeepers struggling with a nationwide lockdown.


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