Twitter announces global launch of disappearing tweets – fleets

Twitter Inc has announced the global launch of a new feature – tweets that disappear after 24 hours. The feature has similarities with Snapchat’s stories, and Instagram’s status feature.

“Some of you tell us that Tweeting is uncomfortable because it feels so public, so permanent, and like there’s so much pressure to rack up Retweets and Likes,” said product manager Sam Haveson along with design director Joshua Harris in a blog post. “Because they disappear from view after a day, Fleets helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and feelings”.

Some Twitter users experimenting with the tool voiced concern saying it creates opportunities for online harassment, including unwanted direct messages. The features also allows authors to tag people who have blocked them.

In a statement Twitter said, it was listening to the feedback and working on fixes and safety concerns.

Fleets, which includes photos, texts and videos, are available at the top of users’ home timelines as well as on the sender’s profile.

Media companies, including Twitter, are under pressure to better police viral misinformation and abuses on their platform. In a statement, Twitter spokeswoman Liz Kelley said, fleets are subject to the same rules as tweets.

She went on to add, labels including warnings that Twitter applied on content showing that they are manipulated or carry misinformation on civic processes could be applied to fleets.

Twitter also confirmed that it was working on a live audio feature, dubbed ‘Spaces’ which it aims to test later this year. The feature allow users to talk in public, group conversations and shares similarities with Clubhouse, a social platform wherein users can talk through voice chats.

“Given all of the potential for abuse within audio spaces, we are going to be making it available first to women and historically marginalized communities,” said Kelley.

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