Facebook launches dating service in 32 European countries

After years of regulatory concerns and much delay, Facebook Inc has launched a dating service in 32 European countries.

The social media giant had postponed the rollout of its Facebook Dating in Europe in February after concerns were raised by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), the main regulator in the European Union for a number of the world’s biggest technology firms including Facebook.

In a statement the DPC had said, it was very concerned that it was given a short notice on the launch of FB’s Dating Service. While FB had planned to rollout its new service on February 13, it had informed DPC on February 3.

The DPC also mentioned that it was not given documentation regarding data protection impact assessments or decision-making processes that had been undertaken by Facebook.

Facebook’s new dating service, an opt-in space within the Facebook app, was launched in the U.S. in September 2019 and is currently available in 20 other countries.

In a blog post, Facebook Dating’s product manager Kate Orseth said users can choose to create a dating profile, and can delete it at any time without affecting their Facebook profile. The user’s first name and age will be taken from their facebook profile and these cannot be edited in the dating service, said Orseth. The user has the option to display their last name, as well as the option to share other personal information on their dating service profiles.

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