Adobe’s Digital Marketing Software Now Has AI Tools

In order to help companies using its digital marketing software to better he penetration of their marketing campaigns, a new set of artificial intelligence (AI) tools have been put into the software, Adobe announced.

According to analysts, companies use such software as is provided by Adobe for running digital marketing campaigns with software helping companies to choose from thousands of images and pieces of written to content and post them on digital mediums targeted at potential consumers.

That process of selection of the pictures, videos and content will be aided by the artificial intelligence features released by Adobe. For example, artificial intelligence can help companies to scan and label thousands of product images by color and shape or to use natural-language processing technology to read an article in order to find out the subject matter of the article.

This will help marketing campaigns to make a recommendation such as whether to display a pair of shoes similar to ones they have previously viewed to an individual browsing an e-commerce site to suggest a news website with a story to an individual reading a story on a similar subject.

Ali Bohra, director of strategy and product marketing for intelligence services at Adobe, said that despite such artificial intelligence based features and technology being present for a number of years now, the process of using them was slow because such usage generally required marketing departments of companies to get data from their systems and then work with another division of the business.

But the time of getting data from systems has now been reduced with Adobe placing the technologies directly inside the marketing systems.

“When you’re thinking about the need to be agile and work in real time, this is not a process that works very well,” Ali Bohra said.

Intelligent Services were introduced by Adobe earlier this year, which is essentially a suite of AI-as-a-Service tools designed for marketers to better fuel customer experiences.

It would be possible for a retailer, using the Content and Commerce AI from Adobe, to be able to label and quantify the color composition of an image automatically and thereby be able to deliver visually similar product recommendations to customers based on intuitive product features such as shape, design and color, based on customer actions.

For B2B business, this feature of content intelligence can be important. Optimization of product selection from catalogs can be possible for franchisees with the use of search based on color metadata or visual similarity.

Companies will also be able to find meaning in different data sets, from CRM to online analytics to offline point of sale (POS) by Adobe’s Real-time CDP which bridges marketing and IT.

Adobe’s Real-time CDP can also now be used by brands to leverage Customer AI which can then be used to analyze historical and real-time data to obtain a deeper understanding of the underlying factors that drive customers to behave in a particular way. It would also be possible to understand and predict customer propensity for behaviors such as the likelihood to convert or churn along with the reasons behind their actions with the use of Customer AI in Real-time CDP.

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