Huawei Will Show Its Inner Workings To Prove Its Equipment Presents No Security Threat

For those countries that has any intention of including telecom equipment manufactured by the Chinese firm Huawei in the creation of 5G networks, the Chinese company is willing and ready to be thoroughly examined so that it can be proved that none of its equipment that it could potentially supply poses no risk to any of the countries in terms of their security. This comment was made by the company’s head of its Italian unit.

“We will open our insides, we are available to be vivisected to respond to all of this political pressure…,” President Luigi De Vecchis said at the opening ceremony of the group’s cyber-security centre in Rome.

These comments were made on the very same day that a two day tour of Italy began for the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Apart from blacklisting the Chinese firm and imposing sanctions against it to prevent American companies and American tech to be used by it, the US has also been lobbying hard with its allies, including Italy and other European partners, to not include Huawei and its equipments in the construction of the next generation 5G networks in their countries. The US charged the company that its equipment posed national security threats. The charges have been refuted by the Chinese company.

“I am speechless that a country the size of the United States attacks another country through the demolition, via groundless accusations, of a company of that country,” De Vecchis said.

There was no intention of Huawie to leave the Italian market despite all the pressure that was being mounted on it, De Vecchis said and added that instead of moving out, Huawei was planning to adding further products in fields such as energy.

“It’s extremely unlikely Huawei will leave the market because of the current situation,” he said.

While saying the coninciding of the company staging the event and the Pompeo’s arrival in Italy was a coincidence, De Vecchis said, and added that he was unaware of any issues relating to the closing of 5G deals in Italy because of the government’s use of its so-called golden powers on infrastructure considered strategic.

However the substantial business and investment ties between the United States and Italy was highlighted by Pompeo during a meeting with Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He also warned about the potential risks and downsides of doing business with China, said a spokesman for the US Secretary of State.

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