Amazon Announces Security Products Including An Indoor Drone

A host of security products were announced by Amazon on Thursday which included a a drone that will be use for recording security video inside homes and a number of products for cars that can alert their owners about any attempts to break in  and steal cars.

This new announcement shows the push by Amazon in to the sphere of the fast growing security business since it had acquired the smart doorbell making company Ring in 2018. However civil liberties advocates have criticize the efforts of the company. This move by Amazon, according to analysts, also shows the intent of the company to venture into shoppers’ homes which have transformed from package delivery years ago to gadgets that allows customers to use voice command to turn off the lights or stream media.

The company said that its new indoor drone, called the Ring Always Home Cam, will be available in the market next year and it will be able to capture video of nooks and corners that are otherwise outside of the scope of static cameras. Amazon Vice President Daniel Rausch said that the new drone will turn on hen an alarm goes off and a user can see video directly on their phones. 

“It’s super reassuring to be able to get a view inside your home,” Rausch said in an interview. Additionally, the Ring only records while flying.

A security device for cars that raises an alarm when a break-in or bump is detected was also announced by the company. Amazon also unveiled a vehicle security camera, and the Ring Car Connect software that works with other vehicle cameras for video playback and alerting.

Tesla cars are the first cars that would be compatible with the new security devices launched by Amazon.
Civil liberties advocates such as the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have criticized the ring devices with a demand that Amazon should stop its partnership with the police. 

“Amazon and other companies offer a high-speed digital mechanism by which people can make snap judgments about who does, and who does not, belong in their neighborhood, and summon police to confront them,” EFF staff wrote in a June blog post.

While claiming that its users the users control what to share, Ring President Leila Rouhi had said in an interview that the company will never by itself share any videos with law enforcement agencies. She said that the aim of Ring is to give peace of mind.

Features for its voice assistant Alexa, such as the ability to delete all prior recordings, spherical Echo speakers and a cloud-based gaming service called Luna were also announced by Amazon. Amazon monetizes the products through various subscriptions.

Announcement of these new devices come at a time when Amazon is striving to retain its market share in smart speakers industry in the US from its rivals Apple and Google.

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