Customer data likely exposed by two Shopify employees, financial data safe: Shopify

In a statement Shopify Inc disclosed, consumer data has been exposed following two of its employees trying to steal transaction data.

Data of customers who shopped at fewer than 200 merchants listed on its e-commerce platform was most likely exposed after the attempted cyber theft.

The data exposed includes names, address, email and order details. Since complete payment card numbers are not stored, the cyber thieves could not gain access to that financial information, said the Canadian company.

After detection, Shopify said it has immediately terminated the access of the two individuals, who incidentally were part of its support team; they have been barred from accessing the company’s network.

Shopify is now working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other international agencies in the investigation.

The Canadian companies hosts more than one million businesses across more than 175 countries on its platform.

With the news reaching the market, the company’s U.S.-listed shares fell by 1.6% in extended trading. However, they have more than doubled in value this year, making Shopify Canada’s second most valuable company.

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