Hit Games Like Animal Crossing Drive Surge In Nintendo’s Online Subscriptions

An upsurge in its number of users during the novel coronavirous pandemic for its Switch Online subscription service was reported by Japan’s gaming company Nintendo on Wednesday. The company said that the surge in demand for its services was led by hit titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This has helped the company to build on the stream of recurring revenues that is offered by such services.

With more than 26 million users as of September, the Nintendo Switch Online has exhibited rapid growth so far this year because of features which allow subscribers to include friends to play the games, save the progress made in the game online and the opportunity to access classic titles, according to the Kyoto based gaming firm. At the end of the month of January, the company had reported a total of just 15 million consumers.

The growing popularity among gamers for hit titles like Animal Crossing, which has sold more than 22 million copies, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the latest Pokemon titles, was attributed by the company’s President Shuntaro Furukawa to be behind its good performance. He was speaking at a press briefing on the results of the company.

In order to extend the life of their consoles, subscription services are being targeted by Nintendo rivals such as Sony and Microsoft. These companies launched a cloud gaming service for playing Xbox titles on Android devices on Tuesday.

The Japanese gaming company has not been fast enough to develop and roll out such services and has not yet moved into the cloud gaming arena. The company rather has been focusing on the portable Switch device, which has seen a tear in demand from consumers this year as most sought a path to escape the boredom of being confined to their homes because of the pandemic.

In the quarter ended June, digital downloads accounted for more than half of the total Switch software sales for the company because of increased demand from those gamers who are stuck at home. Furukawa said that the trend is being tempered by the reopening of retailers.

Nintendo’s president reiterated the firm’s commitment to both hardware and software. In October it will launch a Mario Kart toy that can be controlled by the Switch.

(Adapted from ChannelNewsasia.com)

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