33,000 New Hiring By Amazon In US With Average Package Of $150,000

United States based global retailers Amazon currently possess about 33,000 job openings for corporate and tech roles in the company. 

And part of that is expected to be filled up by the company through a Career Day which, the company has said, will be held on September 16. It ill be open for everyone who wants ot get a job with the company. 

According to the press release of the e-commerce giant, a team of 1,000 Amazon recruiters offering 20,000 career coaching sessions will be included in the company’s Career Day. The company will not charge anything from jab seekers. 

Amazon has also said that it will soon share “thousands of additional hourly roles in Amazon’s Operations network”. A minimum wage of $15 per hour with up to 20 weeks of parental leave will be paid by the company to all of the new employees who would be recruited by it for these roles.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, an average pay of $150,000, including salary, stock-based compensation and benefits, will be offered to those employees who fill the corporate and tech roles in the compnay.

 “With many people left unemployed by the economic impact of Covid-19 and searching for new jobs, Career Day is designed to support all job seekers, regardless of their level of experience, professional field, or background — or whether they are looking for a job at Amazon or another company,” Amazon said in its press release.

The e-commerce giant also said that it had conducted a survey among Americans and had found that at least 53 per cent of them have been forced to look for a new job because of the economic hit of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The company had announced in August about its plans of hiring about 3,500 additional workers in cities across the US. This move by the company will make it to commit to a large expansion of its office space. That comes at a time when many of the other tech companies are resorting to the use of the work from home concept and adopting telecommuting for an indefinite period of time.

A new grocery store filled with smart devices will also be opened by it, Amazon also announced.

For the work of converting former or current JCPenney and Sears stores into distribution hubs to deliver packages ion the US, Amazon is currently holding negotiations with Simon Property Group, the largest mall owner in the US, claimed reports quoting sources.

Since the past year, the shares of the company are up by 77 per cent.

 Typically, hundreds of thousands of new positions for the holidays are regularly announced by the company every year. It was however not clear whether that   tradition will be followed by the company this year too.

In order to meet up the increased demand and delivery during the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has already hired more than 175,000 people.

(Adapted from CNN.com)

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