After Record Alternative Meat Sale In 2019, Nestlé Launches New Plant Based Tuna

Last year, the sale of plant-based meat alternatives crossed 200 million Swiss francs ($218.7 million) for Nestle which has prompted the company to announce launch its first plant-based seafood alternative, a tuna substitute called Vuna.

The company plans to first introduce the product in Switzerland later this month and later roll it out in other markets of the world.

The company said that pea protein that is commonly used to make low-calorie sweets and vegan protein shakes is the main ingredient of the Vuna. In addition to possessing the same nutritional profile to tinned tuna in brine, this plant based sea food of the company also has same flaky texture and flavour profile as tuna, Nestle claimed.

Pea protein is popular among vegans because it has very low calorie content and I s rich in amino acids. These are its nutritional values. And since farm production of peas require comparatively little land and water, and can also be cultivated in colder climates, therefore it is also touted as one of the most sustainable plant proteins. This has made pea protein increasingly popular as an ingredient for plant based non-veg alternatives.

Following research being conducted by multiple teams across Switzerland, Germany and the United States, it took the company more than nine months to develop Vuna, Nestle said in a statement. The ongoing consumer taste and demand shift towards vegan, vegetarian and other plant-based diets as well as the need felt by it for tackling overfishing and supporting ocean biodiversity were the primary drivers that drove it to create the product, Nestle said.

Vuna will be available across all of Nestle’s Garden Gourmet brand in Switzerland as of next week, the company said. Ready-made sandwiches and chilled product in a glass jar will be offered by the company.

Vuna will be launched in other global markets later this year, Nestle said.

In early 20198, its Garden Gourmet Burger, made using soy and wheat, was launched across Europe by Bestle and that is by far the most popular plant-based meat alternative of the company. It was later also launched in the US.

As a food and drink giants leading the transition to plant-based diets, Nestle was recently recognised by investor coalition FAIRR and as among the top ranking companies in the organisation’s new online benchmark ranking. Nestle has been praised for its investments in R&D and for its existing offerings.

Nestle is also among the very few companies, thar includes the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, Kroger, Coles and Unilever that have set to a dedicated plant-based food team, according to the FAIRR.

Currently, another food and drinks giant Unilever is partnering with the WWF for promoting and encouraging consumers to embrace what it calls the ‘Future 50 Foods’ which are essentially all plant based alternatives that reportedly have a a low environmental impact. The company is also taking steps to include more of those products in its product line.

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