Japanese carmaker taps Xilinx for driver assisted hands free car driving experience

In a joint statement, Japanese carmaker Subaru Corp and chip maker Xilinx Inc said, the Japanese automaker will use Xilinx’s chip to power a new driver-assistance system which will enable drivers to go hands-free during traffic jams, among other new features.

Subaru’s upcoming midsized hatchback Levorg will use Xilinx’s “Zynq” chips to provide a new verison of its “EyeSight” driver-assistance system.

The system makes uses of dual cameras to get stereo vision and combines and data with input from radar sensors mounted around the vehicle to maintain the car’s distance from other objects; this is in contrast to the more expensive option of using a lidar to do the same job.

Xilinx’s chip will provide the processing power to crunch through the streaming data from multiple sensors placed across the car. The system will also include features, including slowing down the vehicle on highways before a curve based on estimation inputs of the curve captured by sensors.

As an added option, the system will also include hands-free driving in traffic jams at speeds below 30 miles per hour (50 kilometers per hour).

These feature will be made available only in Japan on the Levorg, and will require vehicle to be loaded with high-resolution mapping data.

Human drivers will still be required to keep an eye on the road and sensors inside the cabin will track whether the driver is paying attention.

Subaru plans on further updating the system over time and is likely to include new chips from Xilinx, said officials.

“We can do a lot more data processing, as well as provide these different features,” said Satoshi Katahira, who works in Subaru’s advanced safety system design department.

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