IBM rolls out Power 10 data center centric chip

On Monday, in a significant development, International Business Machines Corp (IBM) announced a new processor for data centers that can handle three times the workload of its predecessor.

IBM’s Power10 chip will be manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

The Power10 will benefit from Samsung’s 7-nanometer chip manufacturing process, which incidentally is similar to its peer Advanced Micro Devices Inc which uses Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd to make its chips.

AMD and IBM use third party chip manufacturers to compete against Intel Corp.

Incidentally, Intel dominates in the data centers chip market and is one of the few players that designs and makes its own chips. In recent weeks, Intel had stated, its next generation chip manufacturing technology faced delays, which according to analysts will allow rivals to gain market shares.

As for IBM, it has since long focused on high-performance computing systems, with three of the world’s top-ten fastest supercomputers using its chips.

In a statement on Monday, IBM said, it has designed the Power10 chip keeping artificial intelligence computing tasks in mind; the chip can do AI tasks 20 times faster than its predecessor.


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