Remote collaboration getting entrenched: PwC survey results

According to the results of a global survey by accounting firm PwC that was released on Tuesday, 75% of CEOs expect remote working to become more widespread in their businesses as a result of the coronavirus.

London, New York, and most major cities currently have only a fraction of their normal workforce in offices. Employers and governments have told their staff to work from home wherever it is feasible.

Although lockdown restrictions are slowing being removed, authorities are slowly encouraging a return to work, said PwC. However, 78% of the surveyed CEOs expect a strong shift towards remote collaboration.

“A blend of office and home working is most likely to be the future norm,” said PwC UK’s chairman Kevin Ellis.

More than two-thirds of CEO had expected a significant hit to the global economy as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus, with more than three-quarters expecting a further shift towards automation.

PwC’s survey was based on responses from a panel of 3,500 of its clients globally conducted between June 15 and July 3.

PwC’s network of firms operates across 157 countries.


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