France needs 5G to attract investors: Xavier Niel

With regard to a movement that is protesting the deployment of 5G mobile technology in France, French tycoon Xavier Niel said, by not deploying the next generation mobile technology in the country, France risks dampening its attractiveness to investors.

“5G is an element of attractiveness for our country,” said Niel, founder of French broadband internet provider Iliad. “There is a moment when we are going to have to generate jobs in this country, so we need foreigners and investors to come here.”

Much like other countries, France has put on hold plans to launch the auction of 5G spectrum and plans to do so towards the end of September because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Germany and Italy have raised billions of euros through the auction of 5G spectrum.

Orange, Altice Europe’s SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Iliad, the four main French telecoms operators, have been caught up in a protracted price war which has weighed on margins.

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