French Luxury Brand Christian Dior To Push Ahead With Shows – But With Empty Front Row

Starting with a fashion show in Italy in July, all of the scheduled fashion shows for this calendar year would be pushed to be concluded by the French luxury label Christian Dior. However the brand also made it clear that the coveted front row of those shows would empty which means that A-listers of the fashion industry would have to watch the coveted shows from slightly afar than they were used to in previous years. This decision was taken to adhere to the social distancing norms in the Covid-19 pandemic era.

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the respiratory disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus, has forced all major fashion brands to rethink how they can best present collections. Some of the brands have chosen to move away from the costly events and restricting the number of clothing ranges that they produce.

The pre-scheduled calendar of industry fashion weeks that brings buyers and bloggers to Paris would be maintained by it, said Dior, one of the LVMH conglomerate’s biggest labels, and added that it would also come up with other collections in between.

Chief Executive of the brand Pietro Beccari said, after a presentation planned for May was postponed, that the brand will premiere a mid-season “cruise” range in the Italian city of Lecce on Jul 22 with a streamed live show.

“We would like to send a message of support, of hope, of optimism and of rebirth,” Beccari said. “I’m thinking about big suppliers but also the small ones, many tiny family businesses of artisans in France and in Italy … many of them didn’t know and still do not know how to survive.”

For those products that require special treatment, such as items covered in feathers or tinted by hand, major and high-end fashion brands depend on firms to manufacture luxurious cloth or products.

Beccari said that Dior planned to push ahead with a womenswear fashion show that is typically held in Paris in September and added that by such time it might also be possible to allow audience in the front row.

“Fashion week is important not only for the fashion family, it’s also important for the city where the shows are,” Dior’s designer Maria Grazia Chiuri said.

For cities like Paris, fashion events are usually big business with hotels normally rammed during that period.

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