Apple To Use Its Own Ships For Mac Computers, Ending Dependency On Intel

An almost 15 year dependency on Intel Corp over supplying of processors for its flagship laptops and desktop was ended by Apple Inc on Monday when it announced that the company would be using its own chips for its Mac computers.

This development marked the beginning of a major new era for a product line that was instrumental in the rise of the company in the 1980s and its resurgence in the late 1990s, said Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook while making the announcement.

“Silicon is at the heart of our hardware,” Cook said during a virtual keynote address recorded at the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters for its annual developer conference.

“Having a world class silicon design team is a game changer,” he said.

With this new development, the Mac now joins the iPhone and iPads of Apple which already are powered by the own chips designed by Apple.

This news was first made public at the Worldwide Developer Conference of Apple. In recent years, this conference has come to attain extra significance because revenues from the paid services that are sold through the App Store has become major contributors to the revenue growth of the company as there has been a stagnation of the growth of iPhones with less people now upgrading their iPhones.

A cut of between 15 and 30 per cent of the sales developers make through the App Store is taken by Apple. The only way that developers are able to distribute software onto Apple’s mobile devices is through the App Store.

However antitrust regulators in the United States and Europe are now investigating this fee that is taken by Apple from developers as well as the company’s strict app review process. A formal probe into the company over this issue was unveiled by regulators in the US as well as the European Union.

In what is being viewed by many critics and analysts as a way acknowledging some of the criticism of its polices about App Store, the iPhone maker said that for tasks like email and web browsing on iPhones and iPads, the company will allow users to select non-Apple apps as default apps.

Despite the criticisms, a large section of the developers still prefer to use Apple’s platform since it is a lucrative one and it has a user base that is ready to spend for accessing paid apps.

This year’s annual developer conference is the first time that it is being held online because of the restrictions imposed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This conference is often utilized by Apple to make announcements of access to new hardware capabilities, such as special tools for artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

In one such announcement, Apple unveiled a new system that will let its users to share digital car keys with friends and family members through the iMessage system. Applicable to BMW 5 Series vehicles, this new system will work on phones that are run on the current iOS 13 operating system and this will allow car owners to start using the system as soon as a new BMW vehicle is purchased.

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