Lyft promises 100% electrification of vehicles by 2030

In a statement ride-hailing services company Lyft Inc said, every vehicle on its ride-hailing and rental car platform will be electric by 2030 and that it would not provide direct financial support to drivers for switching from gas-powered cars.

John Zimmer, Lyft’s co-founder and president said, the company has reached a scale to impact policy change.

In a statement Lyft said, it would aggressively promote and help drivers access incentive funds.

“If policymakers do their part in the next few years, EVs should reach cost parity with gasoline vehicles by mid-decade,” said Lyft.

Environmental activists have called upon Lyft and Uber Technologies Inc to electrify their fleets.

According to the results of a study, ride-hail services create nearly 50% more carbon emissions than private car trips.

So far, Uber has not made a commitment to electrifying its fleet although it is partially subsidizing drivers’ electric vehicle purchases in London.

Although electric vehicles are currently more expensive than their gasoline cousins, the cost of operating and maintaining them over time is significantly lower.

Lyft said the price for ride-hail trips in battery-powered cars might even decline in the future.

Ride-hail drivers also rent their vehicle from leasing companies.

Lyft offers rental services for drivers and consumers through its own platform and said it would buy electric vehicles for that fleet, but declined to say how many.

Lyft said it was in active discussions with carmakers on electrification, but declined to disclose details.

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