Honda resumes production at North American plants following suspected cyber attack

On Friday, a spokesman for Japan’s Honda Motor Co stated, production at its automobile and motorcycle plants in the United States and other countries have resumed following a suspected cyber attack earlier this week.

The suspected attack comes less than a month after Honda reopened its vehicle assembly plants in North America following closure of its factories in late March to comply with coronavirus-related lockdowns in the United States and Canada.

On Thursday, in a statement, Honda’s spokesman said production at its main plant in the state of Ohio had resumed. Honda’s Ohio plant produces models such as the CR-V SUV crossover and the Accord sedan.

“It appears that our customers’ personal information has not been affected,” said the spokesman.

Honda’s vehicle plant in India and Turkey had also resumed production on Wednesday, said the company’s spokesman. Some of its North American call centers and online financial services are continuing to experience disruptions.

The suspected cyber attack was the second such attack after the 2017 WannaCry virus attack which had forced it to halt production for a day at its domestic plant.

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