Employees Testing Positive For Covid-19 And Production Issues Plague Tesla At Its California Plant: Reports

The restart of production of main factory of United States based electric car maker Tesla in California is having problems, according to media reports.

Apart from threatening to move Tesla operations out of California, the CEO of the company last month also sued the Alameda County to force it to allow the company to restart operations at its Fremont based factory in California. The stay-at-home orders were called “fascist” by Musk, an outspoken critic of the orders, during a call with analysts in April. He has also expressed skepticism about the threats imposed by the novel coornavirus pandemic.

But according to a report published in The Washington Post, since operations were resumed at Tesla’s Fremont complex, at least two employees have tested positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.  The news report quoted unidentified employees at the factory with knowledge of the matter.

No official comment was available from Tesla about the issue.

While those employees who had tested positive for Covid-19 have not returned back to work, those employees who had come in contact with the two infected employees have rejoined after spending two weeks in home quarantine, the report said. It also did not report of any disruption to production because of the infection of the two employees.

Operations of most auto companies in America were suspended in March and any have restarted production in May. But since work has resumed, reports of some of their employees at US factories having tested positive for Covid-19 was reported by many of the auto makers including General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen. Many of the auto makers have however also continued with production even after se of their employees were tested positive for novel coronavirus infection.

However for Tesla, there are other issues it is facing since restarting production apart from Covid-19.

The company has been facing problems of ramping up production of the Model Y, the lower-priced SUV that Tesla started building earlier this year before the shutdowns, said CEO Elon Musk in an email Musk sent to Tesla employees and reported by Electrek and Business Insider.

This model is crucial for Tesla and the company expects it to become its cash cow. Investors of the company were informed in April by Musk that the company had turned a profit on a new vehicle in its first quarter of production for the first time.

However reports quoting from the email of Musk said that the company was facing problems with production of Model Y and rolling it out of the assembly line because he line required significant repairs in a process called rectification.

“It is extremely important for us to ramp up Model Y production and minimize rectification needs. I want you to know that it really makes a difference to Tesla right now,” Musk reportedly wrote in the email.

The same problem has however not been experienced in the production of the other models of the company including the Model S, the Model X and the Model 3, musk informed in the email.

“We are doing reasonably well with S, X, and 3, but there are production and supply chain ramp challenges with Model Y, as is always the case with new products,” he reportedly said.

(Adapted from CNN.com)

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