Telefonica Deutschland selects Ericsson for its core 5G network

On Tuesday, in a significant development, Telefonica Deutschland stated, it will build its core 5G mobile network in Germany using equipment procured from Ericsson; Telefonica Deutschland took this view basing itself on security concerns revolving around next-generation services.

Three main mobile service providers in Germany are taking steps to remove Huawei from their core network; they however, for now, are continuing to rely on Huawei for less sensitive peripheral radio access networks that will carry 5G traffic.

“As a network operator serving the most mobile customers in Germany we have a special social responsibility to provide secure networks,” said Telefonica Deutschland CEO Markus Haas in a statement.

By the end of this year, Telefonica Deutschland aims to complete the building of its core 5G network with full cloud compatibility, thus allowing it to boost its handling of data volumes and support 5G features including network slicing and edge computing.

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