Uber Drivers And Riders Will Need To Wear Face Masks, Selfies With Mask For Drivers

Riders are now going to get a new experience of availing am Uber ride.

Uver has made it mandatory from its drivers to take selfied in the app to verify they are wearing a mask or face covering, starting this Monday, before they pick up any passenger, the company has announced.

Drivers will also need to adhere to a number of other protective measures on a checklist that they will be required to complete each time they go online to accept rides. Confirming they do not have symptoms, sanitize their vehicle regularly and wash their hands are among the other requirements that drivers will need to fulfill. .

Rules have also been made for riders. Even before they hail an Uber car, riders will need to confirm that they are wearing a mask or face covering. However that does not include a selfie requirement. The company said that it is depending on both the drivers and the riders about keeping each other safe and free from infection.

“Things are going to look a little different for both riders and drivers,” said CEO Dara Khosrowshahi on a press call Wednesday, referring to the new Uber process as “your second first trip.”

These measures have been drawn up by Uber in anticipation of the opening up of many parts of the United States for business and as the company anticipate an increase in demand for its rides. Similar measures have also been imposed by several airlines, whose core business has also been severely impacted by the pandemic, such as the mandatory wearing of masks by passengers. However after a plane is boarded by a passenger, it will be hard to implement this rule.

“We have put in several checks and balances because this is something that is really shared accountability,” said Uber’s head of safety products, Sachin Kansal, in an interview with the media. “If the driver approaches and the rider sees the driver is not wearing a mask, they can cancel the trip. They don’t have to get in the car.”

There will be no penalties for such cancellations, the company said.

A feedback from the riders will be asked for by the company if they give a low rating after a ride and that feedback request will include a new tag: “no face cover or mask.” When this tag is selected, the company will follow up with drivers and riders, Kansal said.

“If we see repeated violations by the same person, whether it’s a rider or driver, we may take additional steps including taking them off the platform,” Kansal said. He declined to go into details of how many violations might contribute to a removal.

“We wanted to get something out as fast as possible,” Kansal said, when asked why Uber is not introducing a similar tech-based enforcement on the rider side.

(Adapted from CNN.com)

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