Estonia’s parliament passes ‘Huawei law’ for telecom equipment security

In a significant development, Estonia’s parliament has approved a new law – Electronics Communications Act – to ensure that proper security reviews are undertaken for the installation of telecom equipment for future communication networks.

The law, which lawmakers dubbed the “Huawei law” in reference to the Chinese telecommunications company, leaves the details of implementation to the government and includes intelligence services among the reviewing authorities.

Estonia, along with the European Union (EU) and NATO member states, subscribes to the U.S. government’s security worries over new 5G networks.

The United States has accused China’s Huawei of espionage, an allegation that Huawei has denied.

“We must ensure that the communication services are offered using secure technology and a reliable provider,” said Andres Metsoja, head of parliament’s defense committee, in a statement.

The Electronics Communications Act does not mention any company by name.

Next generation 5G networks are at the center of a global security scrutiny since they will host critical functions ranging from military communications to driverless vehicles.

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