T-Mobile US Inc’s merger with Sprint Corp wins final approval from California’s Public Utilities Commission

Following California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) vote on Thursday, the $23 billion merger of U.S. wireless carriers T-Mobile US Inc with that of Sprint Corp saw the final approval of the deal which closed on April 1.

The deal had closed without a final decision from the CPUC, which came through with an unanimous vote. In March, the CPUC had issued a proposed decision to approve the merger subject to certain conditions. Both, T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to abide by those terms and conditions.

The deal had faced strong headwinds in the form of legal battles with state attorneys general who had argued that it would result in higher prices for consumers. In February, a U.S. federal judge disagreed and allowed the deal to sail though.

Originally the deal was valued at $26 billion.

In comments before the vote, two of the commissioners noted the importance of ensuring that conditions that T-Mobile agreed to in order to win the approval be adequately enforced.

The combined company now operates under the T-Mobile name and will trade on the NASDAQ as “TMUS.”

The deal is designed to enable the combined company to join their high-band and low-band spectrum that could allow a faster roll-out of national 5G.

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