Hackers manage to access voice mails at Italy’s state-owned Monte dei Paschi bank

In a notice sent to customers by Italy’s state-owned bank Monte dei Paschi, hackers have managed to access the mailboxes of some employees, with the bank informing clients in the notice that on March 30 some messages with voice mail attachments had been sent as a result of the cyber attack.

Incidentally, the notice did not mention any breach of company data. It did not also state whether any customers had suffered any loss as a result of the emails.

Qhen asked to respond to requests for comments, Monte dei Paschi declined comment.

Cybersecurity experts and officials have warned that hackers are seeking to capitalize on consumer concerns revolving around the coronavirus pandemic.

With households on lockdown, a few banks have warned that fraudsters have already defrauded customers by posing as banks, government and even health service providers to persuade them to hand over their passwords or other sensitive data.

Italian police have warned of an increase in cybercrime rates; they have also requested people to be particularly mindful of all mail related to the COVID-19 emergency.

The police have also warned people to be careful with emails, with phishing incidents linked to e-commerce, credit cards and home banking being on the rise.

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