German Foreign Ministry restrict usage of Zoom over security concerns

According to two German Government sources, the German foreign ministry has imposed restrictions on the usage of Zoom video conferencing services to fixed-connection computers following security security concerns.

According to a source, the decision is aimed at curbing the usage of Zoom on mobile devices; he went on to add, since the app does not have a comprehensive encryption in place, it was decided not to use it for confidential conversations.

With more and more people coming under lockdown, Zoom’s video conferencing services have shot up.

On Wednesday, Zoom hired a top Facebook security executive in response to concerns to concerns regarding security with its system.

The German ministry adopted the restriction after concluding that Zoom’s software had “critical” weaknesses.

According to a source, employees had been instructed to use teleconferences to conduct their business.

In a memo to employees, the German foreign ministry said, “based on media reports and our own findings, we have concluded that Zoom’s software has critical weaknesses and serious security and data protection problems”. However, since the system was used widely across the ministry’s international partners, the memo stated, it would be currently impossible to ban its use entirely.

“Zoom takes user security extremely seriously,” said the company’s spokesman

“Zoom is in communication with governments around the world and is focused on providing the information they need to make informed decisions about their policies.”

The development comes in the wake of other countries, including Taiwan instructing its officials to stop using Zoom; Switzerland has also advised government employees to stop using Zoom and instead use Microsoft Teams.

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