China Reform Holdings attempting to seize control of British chip designer Imagination

In an exclusive news bulletin, Sky News has revealed that Imagination, which makes graphics processing units (GPUs) for customers including Samsung and Apple and is one of the UK’s most important technology companies, is scheduled to have an emergency board meeting next week in order to discuss the appointment of four representatives of China Reform Holdings as directors.

Senior MPs, including the chairs of four Commons select committees, have been alerted to the move, and are this weekend planning to urge Boris Johnson to intervene on the grounds of potential risks to national security.

The British intelligence agency, the GCHQ and the National Cyber Security Centre have also been informed of the developments, said sources inside Westminster.

Imagination’s designs are used in 30% of the world’s mobile phones and 40% of automotive GPUs.

Customers in the car industry include Audi, Hyundai and Toyota.

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