Dubai-headquartered OSN signs exclusive distribution rights agreement with Walt Disney

For the very first time, from April 9, Walt Disney Co’s Disney+ content will be made available in the Middle East and North Africa in the region’s pay television and online streaming service provider OSN.

Dubai-headquartered OSN has signed a “long-term” exclusive distribution rights agreement with Walt Disney.

OSN’s Chief Executive Patrick Tillieux declined to disclose any further details.

Disney+ original programming, including popular TV show ‘The Mandalorian’, will be available on OSN’s pay television and online streaming services in 17 regional markets, including Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and will cost $9.50 a month.

Walt Disney did not respond to requests for comments.

The deal will intensify competition with other online streaming providers such as Netflix, which incidentally has a strong regional presence.

OSN managed to secure an exclusive Disney+ rights deal following a 2019 restructuring wherein the company shed more than 60% of a workforce of 2,300.

“We have come out of a dark period,” said Tillieux while adding, he was confident in the business outlook for 2020 despite the fact that OSN is no longer able to sell and promote products in shopping centres which have been temporarily closed due to the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic.

With more people staying home, online usage and that of pay television have surged in the last two weeks, said Tillieux.

“We are pushing heavily on … digital,” said Tillieux.

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