Masks And Gowns To Be Made By Designer Brand Ralph Lauren

Fashion brand Ralph Lauren will be now manufacturing medical masks and gowns. This is the latest fashion and designer brand that has come up  ahead to support the global fight against the deadly coronavirus.

The charitable arm of the fashioner designer will implement the shift from fashion products to masks, the company announced on Thursday. It added that 250,000 masks and 25,000 isolation gowns will be made in the United States soon by the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation, the company said.

There have been other fashion brands too that have come forward to offer their services and resources to manufacturing of the urgently required medical wear all across the world – but more importantly in the US and Europe.

A donation of $10 million is also being made by the foundation for the cause of fighting against the coronavirus pandemic particularly in the United States.

The total number of deaths because of the virus as so far as reported in the US has risen to more than 1,100.

“At the heart of our company, there has always been a spirit of togetherness that inspires our creativity, our confidence and most importantly our support for one another. In the past weeks and months, that spirit has never wavered,” said Ralph Lauren, executive chairman of the fashion brand.

While auto companies and car manufacturing firms have come forward to help in the manufacturing of ventilators, a number of well known retailers in the fashion and apparel world have announced their intention to temporarily shift to making of medical face masks and gowns.

Manufacturing of gowns to be donated to healthcare workers would soon be started by the luxury coat brand Canada Goose, the company has said. The company initially plans to produce scrubs and gowns which will be manufactured at two of the company’s previously closed Canadian manufacturing facilities starting next week.

“Across Canada, there are people risking their lives every day on the frontlines of Covid-19 in healthcare facilities, and they need help. Now is the time to put our manufacturing resources and capabilities to work for the greater good,” said Dani Reiss, chief executive of Canada Goose.

San Francisco-based Gap will be tap into its global supply chain and use its connections and clout to procure protective masks and gowns while it will transform its its factories to make protective gear, the company has said.

An announcement of making hand sanitiser in France was made by LVMH, which owns the Louis Vuitton brand, the company said earlier this month.

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