Cyber security specialists team up to fight COVID-19 cyber threats

Cyber security specialists have formed an international group to fight hacking related activities revolving around China’s coronavirus.

The international group consisting of nearly 400 volunteers with expertise in cybersecurity is called the COVID-19 CTI League.

The group which monitors cyber threat intelligence spans across 40 countries and includes professionals in senior positions at major tech companies including Microsoft Corp and Inc.

A top priority is working to combat hacks against medical facilities and other frontline responders to the pandemic, said Marc Rogers, one of four initial managers at COVID-19 CTI League.

With more people working from home, defending the communication networks has become an essential priority, said Rogers, head of security at DefCon and a vice president at security company Okta Inc OKTA.

The group is also using its network of contacts in internet infrastructure providers to squish garden-variety phishing attacks and another financial crime that are using fear of COVID-19 or the desire for information on it to trick internet users.

“I’ve never seen this volume of phishing,” said Rogers. “I am literally seeing phishing messages in every language known to man.”

Recognizing the magnitude of the threat, the response from law enforcement agencies has been very positive, said Rogers of the collaboration.

“I have never seen this level of cooperation,” said Rogers. “I hope it continues afterwards, because it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

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