Draft Treaty By EU Reveals Its Demands From UK Over Brexit Negotiations: The Guardian

According to the vision of the European Union about its future relationship with the United Kingdom, the bloc wants a guarantee from Britain of “uniform implementation” of Brussels’s state subsidy rules as well as the handing down of rulings of the European court of justice to British courts, claimed a report published by The Guardian based on a 441-page treaty draft that was obtained by the newspaper.

According to the report, the full legal text for the first time have been detailed in the text of the draft – detailing the demands that the EU will make from the UK’s chief negotiator David Frost when the two parties meet the next round of negotiations over Brexit.

The hiatus between the two parties of the negotiation is clearly evident from the draft document which is yet to be shared with Boris Johnson’s government. The issue that have taken centre stage in the draft include the so-called level playing field conditions for companies on both sides and the regulations for providing state aid to companies.

All throughout the draft however, there was a focus on the close economic and security ties that the two sides have currently which includes an insistence from the EU about the definition of terrorism that will be used by both sides which, according to the EU, should be based on a current directive as a price for cooperation.

“We’ve sent a draft agreement on new partnership to [the European parliament] & [EU council] for discussion. It shows ambitious and comprehensive future relationship is possible. We must give ourselves every chance of success. We will publish the text after our exchanges & look forward to working [with the UK],” tweeted Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator.

“We announced on 9 March we would share a draft FTA & other texts shortly. Thank you for making clear the EU will too,” Frost tweeted in response.

According to the analysis of the draft report by The Guardian, there was only one key aspect that the EU signaled a compromise – the earlier demands made by the EU on fisheries. The remaining 27 member countries of the EU have been demanding earlier that the new relationship should “uphold” the current common fisheries policy (CFP).

The Guardian reported that throughout the rest of the draft however there was little takeaway for the British government which has insisted that not will not agree to any post Brexit treaty which postulates the continuation of the direct application of current EU law or make the British parliament to implement any new rules that are made by the EU in the future.

With respect to the policy for helping out the ailing airlines, steel manufacturers and other industrial actors in the form of state subsidies, for which the UK government wants to devise its own state aid rules, the EU has stressed on the need for the UK to implement the rules of the bloc and “harmonise” with Brussels as policies develop, as stated in the legal text drafted by Barnier.

(Adapted from TheGuardian.com)

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