Rakuten to set big data plan at $27.68 per month : Nikkei

On Monday, in a report by the Nikkei business daily, Rakuten Inc plans on setting up its big data mobile plan at $27.68 (2,980 yen) per month.

In a statement, Rakuten stated it was not the source of this information.

Rakuten is scheduled to announce the details of its pricing plans for the network, which is set to launch commercially in April, at a news conference tomorrow.

Rakuten has drawn global attention when it disclosed that it has slashed the cost of constructing its network through cloud-based software and commoditized hardware as opposed to using proprietary equipment.

Rakuten, which is hoping the mobile service will drive traffic to its e-commerce and finance offerings, has postponed the launch of its network following delays as a result of which trial users have complained of connection problems.

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