New Survey From Neilson In US Suggested Strong Demand For Streaming TV Services

A new survey-based report by the United States based data and measurement firm Nielsen suggests that streaming services were gaining popularity in the US as consumers loved the television and films aired in those services and want content providers to continue to create and offer software through this medium.

Even in the situation of an increase in the number of streaming service companies in the market, about 93 per cent of the people surveyed said that they would continue with those services of which they are currently paying money or choose to subscribe ot other new services as well, claimed that survey report which was conducted by Nielson for its latest Total Audience Report.

There is a growing concern among analysts and analysts in technology and media stocks that the market for streaming services was getting too crowded and it would be difficult for a new company or service to make a mark. Thos concerns were essentially dispelled in the survey report which claimed that consumers will continue to subscribe to new streaming services as well.

According to Nielsen, consumers in the US had 10 per cent more options to choose form in terms of titles for content in 2019 with more than 646,000 different titles across traditional broadcast TV and streaming platforms, compared to the options that they had a year ago. Among that huge number of contents, about 9 per cent were made available by streaming service providers such as Netflix, Walt Disney Co’s Disney+, Apple Inc’s Apple TV+ or ViacomCBS’s CBS All Access.

The survey also found that young adults were particularly fond of streaming services. About 96 per cent of the people who participated in the survey and were in the age group of between 18 and to 34 years, were subscribers of a a paid streaming video service. In comparison, 91 per cent of all consumers of all ages were members of paid streaming services.

Subscriptions for three or more paid services were held applied for by almost one-third of all respondents and almost half of respondents aged 18 to 34 years. That meant that there was enough market space for AT&T- owned WarnerMedia’s HBO Max and Comcast’s Peacock streaming services, to get paid consumers. Both the services are set to be launched later this year.

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