CalTech wins $1.1 billion patent case against Broadcom and Apple

In a statement the California Institute of Technology stated, it has won a $1.1 billion jury verdict in a patent lawsuit against Broadcom and Apple.

In the case, filed in a federal court in Los Angeles in 2016, Pasadena, California-based CalTech had alleged that Broadcom wi-fi chips used in hundreds of millions of Apple iPhones infringed its patents relating to data transmission technology.

Reacting to the verdict, Apple said it plans on appealing the case.

In a court filing Apple said it believed all of CalTech’s claims against it resulted from its using Broadcom’s chips in its devices, calling itself “merely an indirect downstream party.”

Broadcom did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Incidentally, Broadcom is a major Apple supplier and in its fiscal year in 2019 it derived around a fifth of its sales from the iPhone maker in its fiscal 2019.

Last week Broadcom had said it had signed deals worth $15 billion with Apple.

The verdict awarded CalTech $837.8 million from Apple and $270.2 million from Broadcom.

“We are pleased the jury found that Apple and Broadcom infringed Caltech patents,” said CalTech in a statement.

“As a non-profit institution of higher education, Caltech is committed to protecting its intellectual property in furtherance of its mission to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education.”


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