FAA To Impose Fine On Boeing For 737 Max Plane ‘Designed By Clowns’

A fine of $5.4m is planned to be sought from Boeing by US regulators over charges that the company had “knowingly” installed faulty parts on its 737 Max planes.

In recent times, there was revelation of internal messages of the company which resulted in questions being raised about the safety of the 737 Max planes which prompted the move by the legislators.

The plane was “designed by clowns”. Said an employee in one of the communications as revealed recently in the media.

Since the fatal crashes of two 737 Max planes, which killed 346 people, there has been intense scrutiny of the company.

The announcement of the fine was made by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Friday and is not related to the software system which has been blamed for the crashes. It is related to “slat tracks” located on the wings of the planes.

Despite determining that the wing parts had failed a strength test, the company had submitted the jets for FAA approval, said the regulator. Boeing has also failed to oversee its suppliers properly, the regulator has also alleged.

The FAA had earlier imposed a $3.9m fine on Boeing last month for similar reasons. The FAA said that the United States based plane manufacturer has the right to contest the fine.

There were no comments available in the media form Boeing,

Boeing is now facing multiple investigations after the 737 Max crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia and this announcement by the FAA has increased the pressure on the company further.

The 737 Max crisis has had its impact on the company in other ways also. After the shares of the company dropped significantly after the crisis, chief executive of the company Dennis Muilenburg was fired last month. The company said this week that no severance will be given to him and he had forfeited stock awards worth about $14.6m.

Hundreds of messages have been provided to the FAA and Congress by Boeing as a part of the investigations. And as part of its commitment to transparency, the company had had released redacted versions this week, it said.

“These communications do not reflect the company we are and need to be, and they are completely unacceptable,” Boeing said.

“This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys,” an employee wrote in one exchange in April 2017.

According to other documents released by the company, Boeing was seen planning to reject the requirements that 737 Max pilots receive training on simulators because it would have caused a price rise for the company’s customers which would have made the aircraft less lucrative for them.

“I want to stress the importance of holding firm that there will not be any type of simulator training required to transition from NG to Max,” Boeing’s 737 chief technical pilot at the time, Mark Forkner, said in a March 2017 email.

“Boeing will not allow that to happen. We’ll go face to face with any regulator who tries to make that a requirement.”

(Adapted from BBC.com)

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