Mercedes-Benz Claims It Topped In Global Premium Car Sales In 2019

German luxury car maker Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz passenger cars is set to become the biggest-selling premium car brand of the world for 2019 after the company announced that it had sold 2.34 million of the cars worldwide which also marked record sale of the brand for the ninth consecutive year.

The title of the best-selling luxury car brand of the world had been retained by it, claimed by the Stuttgart-based Daimler making the announcement. However this claim was made even before an announcement of a breakup of the annual sale results was made by Mercedes-Benz’s rival BMW, the owner and maker of brands such as the Mini and Rolls-Royce.

Last year, the total sale of passenger cars worldwide for BMW as a group of brands was at 2.52 million vehicles which was more than the total sale of 2.46 million Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles from Daimler in the same period of time.

A strong demand for its sports utility vehicles and high-end limousines had propped up the sale of its vehicles to record levels in the markets of Germany, China and the United States, said Mercedes-Benz in the announcement.

There was a 6.2 per cent rise in the sale of Mercedes-Benz in China, Daimler said, and added that the top-end Maybach Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousine of the company was ordered by local customers of the market at the rate of more than 700 vehicles a month.

In comparison, 1.84 million cars were sold in total globally by Volkswagen’s premium car brand in 2019 which was 1.8 per cent more compared to its sale figures of the same brand a year ago. The company said that this growth was driven by a strong 4.1 per cent increase in sale in the Greater China market including Hong Kong.

While Daimler decided not to provide a figure about the number of electric powered Mercedes-Benz EQC models that it had delivered to customers last year in Europe or elsewhere, its rival Audi said that it had sold al total of 19,500 electric e-tron models in Europe in the same period.

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