Toyota plans on releasing self-driving level 2 vehicles in 2020

In a statement, Toyota Motor Corp disclosed, its automated driving R&D unit plans on deploying advanced self-driving capabilities in mobility service vehicles before it does so in personal-use vehicles.

“‘Level 4’ (driving capabilities) is really what we’re striving for to first appear in mobility as a service,” said James Kuffner, CEO of Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, at the opening of its new offices in Tokyo.

He went on to add, “It will take more time to achieve ‘Level 4’ for a personally owned vehicle,” in referrence to Level 4 driving capabilities which refers to the automation level at which vehicles can drive themselves.

As part of its strategy to develop self-driving cars, in 2020 Toyota plans on releasing its first Level 2 autonomous car capable of driving itself on a highway.

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