European Commission to decide on Nvidia’s bid to acquire Mellanox Technologies for $6.8 billion by Dec. 19

Data from the European Commission’s website shows that U.S. chipmaker Nvidia did not offer any concessions to EU antitrust regulators who are examining its $6.8 billion bid to acquire Mellanox Technologies.

The European Commission is set to take a decision on Nvidia’s biggest-ever acquisition by December 19.

It is to be seen whether the EC will clear the deal unconditionally or whether it will face a full-scale investigation.

In its bid for Mellanox, Nvidia had outbid its rival Intel Corp. The potential deal will boost its AI as well as its data center business.

Nvidia’s chips connect data centers into one giant computer.

While the deal has been approved by U.S. antitrust regulators, approval from China is still pending.

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