Fitness app Strava registering nearly 1 million users every month

In its ‘Year in Sport’ report, fitness-tracking app Strava stated, every month nearly 1 million people are signing up for its fitness-tracking app which now tracks the activity trends of 48 million people in 195 countries.

According to the report, nearly 7.5% of UK adults are on Strava and that they cumulatively ran 308.5 million km and cycled 937.2 million km.

Its data also showed that 5.8% of runners in the UK completed either a marathon or an ultramarathon – a race that is longer than the traditional 26.2 miles (42.3km) marathon distance.

“The growth of distance running on Strava is mindblowing, and something I don’t believe has been captured effectively in the past,” said Strava’s UK country manager Gareth Mills in a statement.

“As we are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, particularly in developed countries, perhaps the call of the marathon or ultramarathon distance becomes a way of combating this trend for many of our community.”

Strava’s data also reveals that women in the UK were 12% less likely to cycle when commuting than men, compared to a global average of 6.7%.

“The data also spotlights areas for improvement,” said Mills. “It is disappointing to see that British women are much less likely to commute by bike than men compared to the global average, and we should refocus on the root causes.”

For female runners, safety has been a concern in the UK, said the study. Nearly half of all the runs recorded by women in the evenings were when they were accompanied by someone else.

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